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Solebury Students clapping at a donation event - 韦德娱乐app下载地址

信用卡 (安全网上付款)

韦德娱乐app下载地址 accepts gifts by MasterCard, VISA, or American Express. You may specify the date when you wish your card to be charged. Gifts can be made on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. All gift information is secure and confidential.




Gifts qualify for a charitable deduction equal to the full amount of the gift. Federal law limits the deduction in any one year to 50% of adjusted gross income. Any excess over the amount deducted the first year may be carried forward over the next five years (up to an annual 50% ceiling) until the value of the gift is fully deducted. 请把支票寄来, 支付给韦德娱乐app下载地址学校年度基金, 菲利普斯磨坊路6832号, 新的希望, Pa 18938-9682.





给 appreciated securities which you have held more than one year can be advantageous tax-wise. By giving the stock directly to the school (do not sell the stock first and send the proceeds to Solebury), you will receive a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities on the date the school receives the stock. In addition, you do not pay any capital gains tax on the appreciation of the stock. Federal law limits deductions in any one year to 30% of adjusted gross income. Any excess can be carried forward over the next five years up to an annual 30% ceiling.


The easiest way to transfer securities is via DTC transfer. 请联系Jennifer K. 伯恩斯(副校长:进步 & 对外事务) or 215.862.5261年,ext. 183 for bank information needed to transfer funds by DTC. You will also need to confirm the date, name of securities and number of shares transferred. Alternately you can contact the school's broker directly:





奥本海默 & Co. Inc.



以股票作为礼物, please send unsigned stock certificates directly to the school in care of Jennifer K. 副校长伯恩斯:进步 & 对外事务部,还有意向书. Send an unsigned blank stock power in a separate envelope.

邮件地址:Jennifer K. 伯恩斯




We can also accept funds wired directly to the School. 请联系Jennifer K. 伯恩斯(副校长:进步 & 对外事务) or 215.862.5261年,ext. 183 to discuss your gift and for wiring instructions.




Many corporations will match employee gifts to independent schools. Please check with your human resources department or ask our development office to see if your company will match your gift. It is a wonderful way to double (and sometimes triple!你给索伯里的礼物.



For more information, please contact Jennifer K. 伯恩斯(副校长:进步 & 对外事务) or 215.862.5261年,ext. 183.




Sometimes people find that they have something that 韦德娱乐app下载地址 might be able to use such as: furniture, 电脑, 艺术设备, books, 活动食品或学校用品. These in kind gifts can be wonderful additions to the school and help to keep expenses down. Sometimes, however, Solebury may not need something that is offered at that time. Please contact the school first to see if we can use the item. Your thoughtful gifts are always very much appreciated.


对捐赠者有利: You may be able to deduct your in kind donation as a tax deduction to a charitable organization. You, as the donor, are responsible for valuing the item. Items valued over $500 need to be reported on form 8283 on your tax return. Items valued over $5,000 must be independently appraised.

对学校有利: We receive items that we may otherwise not have been able to purchase.

If you have something you think the school could use, please contact Jennifer K. 伯恩斯(副校长:进步 & 对外事务) or 215.862.5261年,ext. 183.